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Water Symptoms

Acidic water eats copper tubing.

                                                                                                                                                    If blue or green staining is present in sinks, showers, bathtubs or toilets, this means slowly but surely the copper tubing in your house is being destroyed from the inside out. Over time the copper tubing will become thinner and thinner until it can no longer hold water pressure and pinholes will start occurring. The […]

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Does your water pressure decrease?

Does your water pressure decrease and you have to clean out little stones, grit and brown or black flakes from the screens in your faucets, shower heads or washing machine? Do these gritty flakes look like coffee grounds? These annoying clogged screens are caused by sediment from your well and rust from the well casing. […]

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Red Stains

Do you notice red stains in your toilets, sinks or showers that you scrub and clean off but they eventually return? These stains are caused by iron in your water. Iron in your water may become an annoying problem over time because the build up of iron sediment can clog your faucets, toilet fill valves, […]

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Rotten Egg Smell

Foul smelling water that reminds many people of rotten eggs could mean you have sulfur in your water. Although it is not harmful it can be an unpleasant annoyance every time you turn a faucet on. We instill a water treatment system called an air injection unit that eliminates the sulfur smell and we offer […]

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Blue or Green Water Stains

Do you notice blue or green staining in your tub or sinks? If so this could mean you have acidic water and these stains are warning signs that your copper pipes are being eaten away from the inside out. Acidic water can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage when a pipe unknowingly […]

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