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Does your water pressure decrease?

filterDoes your water pressure decrease and you have to clean out little stones, grit and brown or black flakes from the screens in your faucets, shower heads or washing machine? Do these gritty flakes look like coffee grounds? These annoying clogged screens are caused by sediment from your well and rust from the well casing. A well is a 6 inch hole in the earth and is going to naturally have sediment from the earth floating around in it. Some wells have worse sediment than others. What you find in your screens that may resemble coffee grounds along with sediment is rust from the well casing. Well casing is a steel pipe that will naturally rust over time. These rust particles fall in the well, get sucked up through the well pump along with the sediment and end up in your house clogging the faucet screens. If this is an on going problem Faulstick Plumbing can install a sediment cartridge filter in your home to eliminate it once and for all.