4 Plumbing Projects You Can Tackle at Home this Spring

As we finally move into spring, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to get a fresh start in our homes. It’s the season of cleaning and renewal in our lives and in our homes- and our plumbing is certainly no exception!

To help out with your spring plumbing cleaning, we’ve assembled a short list of four plumbing problems that you’ll easily be able to tackle in your own home this spring.

Clean out Your dishwasher

Something most of us often don’t think about is cleaning our appliances that are themselves responsible for cleaning. This means our washers and dryers and definitely our dishwashers. To start, take out all removable parts of your dishwasher and wash them down. If things are particularly grimy, soak everything in white vinegar. Next clean out the inside of your dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda. Lastly, clean out the filter and the drain.

Low Water Pressure

There’s nothing worse than stepping in for a nice steamy shower, wanting a waterfall to flow over you, and only getting a trickle. If this sounds all too familiar for you, there’s a few things to try to remedy it. The first thing to do is check for clogs in your pipeline and in all your water exit points. If you’re finding nothing there, try checking your homes main water valve and make sure it’s adjusted to be completely open. If it isn’t- open it. If it is, try checking out and replacing your homes water regulator. Once your regulator goes bad pressure usually drops gradually. If all else isn’t the cause, try looking out for any leaks in your pipes. Unfortunately, if you find any it’d be best to call your local plumber to help you out.

Clean out Your Gutters

We’re gonna keep harping on you until you do it, okay? Clean. Your. Gutters. If you keep avoiding it, you’re going to end up with some big problems later in life. Keeping your gutters clogged up can lead to a variety of big issues with big dollar signs. Clogged gutters can lead to roof rot, home pest invasion, home foundation issues, and gutter repairs or replacements, among other things.

Fix Up Your Showerhead

Going hand in hand with low water pressure, one easy thing to fix up this spring is your showerhead. Not only can a clogged shower head cause low water pressure but its also just plain grimy. No one wants to be showering with water coming through a gross showerhead. Luckily this issue only requires a simple fix. Unscrew your shower head and leave it soak overnight in a bowl of apple cider vinegar. If the head needs it, give it a little scrub. If you’re having issues with a leaky shower head, you can fix that on up with some handy plumber’s tape.

Spring is HERE

With everyone spending more time at home, this spring is the perfect time to start trying your hand at some household DIY’s. Tackle your spring cleaning and go the extra mile this season by checking out your plumbing and looking for these four plumbing problems!

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