4 Things Every Beginner Well Owner Needs to Know

Like most things in life, doing something new is bound to come with some confusion, and a learning curve. Oftentimes anything involving plumbing, or the inner workings of a house, can seem incredibly overwhelming to learn or understand.

This is why, to many, the idea of well ownership can be quite worrying or scary. For those who’re finding themselves feeling a little lost in their knowledge of a new well, we present: 4 Things Every Beginner Well Owner Needs to Know

1. Wells Need Work 

Although they’re a cost efficient and house sustaining method of getting water, they also come with a lot of responsibilities in terms of care. Wells need yearly water testing, treatment, and a water filtration system to work the best. Along with this, it’s best for you, the well owner, to learn as much as you can about your well to better spot when things go wrong. 

2. Wells can Cause Staining

Something that may be surprising to first time well owners is the staining that your well can cause. High concentrations of iron in your water is the culprit, and can leave orange stains in showers, tubs, sinks, and even on laundry! The iron concentration isn’t dangerous; however, it is unsightly and can change the taste and smell of your water. In order to guarantee the safety of your porcelain, a good water filtration system is needed and needs to be properly cared for.   

3. Your Water can Become Contaminated at Any Time 

Yearly testing is not only recommended, but it’s almost required when owning a well. However, even if your yearly testing comes back normal, throughout the year your well water can become contaminated. The best thing to do is learn about the risks in your area and what to look out for in terms of changes in your water, because, even if you’re doing everything right, something can go wrong. 

4. Storms May Be a Cause for Worry 

Something most people may not think about when it comes to their well, is what happens during a storm. One of the most common reasons for well pumps failing, is the system getting struck by lightning. However, in order to save yourself the cost and the worry of having to replace the system, you can have a lightning protection system installed. Aside from lightning though, storms can cause even more issues for your well system. Storms are a hotspot for water contamination in wells if your system isn’t properly sealed off. To add to the issue, storms can bring about power outages, which cause an entire system shutdown. That means you’d be without any running water until the power comes back. 

Faulstick Plumbing

Wells can be a great addition to one’s home, family, and life. The key to well ownership lies in caution, knowledge, and attention to the details of your well! 

At Faulstick Plumbing, we specialize in installs, repairs, and inspections for all of your well, water, and plumbing needs. Our family-owned and operated business has built a reputation as the best-doing things the right way with the customer in mind, every time. Give us a call at 570-992-0447 to discuss your needs today!

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