Is Acidic Water Eating Away Your Copper Tubing?

Is Acidic Water Eating Away Your Copper Tubing?

How can you tell if acidic water is eating away at your well pump?

Have you ever noticed that there are blue or green stains on your sinks, showers, bathtubs or toilets? If you have ever been in this situation that means that slowly but surely the copper tubing in your house is being destroyed from the inside out by acidic water. Over time the copper tubing will become thinner and thinner until it can no longer hold water pressure and pinholes will start occurring.

What is the cause of acidic water? Short Answer : The rain. Long Answer : The rain is starting to contain more  carbon dioxide and the CO2 levels are increasing. Generally speaking it’s a natural occurrence but it’s increasing more and more. Other factors are because of pollutants ; Coal, fuels, vehicles, pollution and run offs from mines or other areas.

As a professional plumbing company we don’t ever want this to happen to our customers. That’s why we are going to provide you with 2 easy steps on how to prevent or pro-long your pipe system from acidic water.

1. Test your water for PH levels

Water with low PH usually less then 6.5 could be acidic. Because of this , the water could leach metal into your water system. Copper, iron, lead, and zinc could all leak from, plumbing fictures as well as the piping. The lower the PH levels the more toxicity that is more than likely in the water causing premature damage as stated above.

2. Corrective actions to maintain your water

So, where do you go from here? Thankfully, it’s an easy fix and the most common way is to use calcite neutralizers or even filters. “What is Calcite” you say? Calcite is the white mineral which looks like white sand basically it’s just natural pure calcium carbonate. Depending on every situation there are different grades of it and different types. Usually this works when your PH level is in between 6-6.9 . If your PH level is even lower then you usually could use a blend of calcite and magnesium oxide.

These are just basic steps, all also depending on the situation, preferred brand and technique that we need to use to help our customers out when we see a situation like this. Always remember that it’s better to be safe then sorry when it comes down to acidic water as you don’t want to have metal corrosives leaching into your pipes and drinking/cooking water. If you need to to have a professional company come out and take a look at your well system and water make sure to give Graydon Faulstick Plumbing a call at 570-992-0447.

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