Bacteriostatic Treatments

Bacterio…What?  Where does this go and what does this do?  In the plumbing world, big fancy names for a simple task can be confusing- luckily the Faulstick Crew is here to help you with all of your plumbing and water treatment needs.  Many homes have Humidifier systems.  Like all home plumbing and heating elements, they require regular maintenance and cleaning.  Bacteriostatic Treatments are used to clean home humidifier systems to keep them functioning as best they can.  Let us guide you through the process and explain why this is important for your home. 

Using a Home Humidifier is beneficial to personal comfort and your overall health.  They help to keep your skin moisturized, improve respiratory function and aid in preventing colds and flus.  But what are the benefits to the actual building you live in when it comes to using a humidifier, you ask?  They preserve your home by preventing hardwood floors from cracking and your paint from chipping.  They also protect your furniture from warping and cracking due to lack of moisture.  Home Humidifiers also decrease use of energy, because when there is moisture in the air, your body naturally feels warmer.  Because of this, you will need to utilize less home heating systems and appliances, which in turn lower costs and save you money. 

However, like all home plumbing systems, your Humidifier needs to be kept clean.  Because there is moisture in a humidifier, this may lead to bacteria and mold growth in the system.  The growth of bacteria could also lead to an odor coming from you Humidifier- YUCK!  This is where Bacteriostatic Treatments come in. Bacteriostatic Treatments eliminate all of that bacteria, control the odors that bacteria and algae create, and remove calcium and other minerals built up within your system.  Bacteriostatic Treatments are simple to use.  Simply follow the measurement guide on the back of the bottle to determine how much of the Treatment solution you need to put into the water tank of your Humidifier.  Then, run your Humidifier as normal. 

As with all plumbing and water treatments and well pump projects, if you need assistance Faulstick is here to help. 


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