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Think about it, whenever we want to build our houses or offices, we look for the best material and experienced workers to make our house or office strong and structured to withstand different calamities. Plumbing  in our house or office should have the same importance. If you don’t pay enough attention and don’t use proper materials, pipes, and equipment, it can and will cause damage to your property in the future.  You will end up spending more in the long run than you anticipated and that definitely isn’t something any one wants to hear. That is why selecting a competent plumbing contractor for your house or company should be one of your top priorities.

If you are looking for the best plumbing contractor in  Pennsylvania, Stroudsburg, Saylorsburg, or the west end then Graydon Faulstick is at your service. At Faulstick we have hundreds of satisfied customers all around these areas and have over 40 years of experience. We understand your needs and work exactly as you require. We are proficient in pipe installation and any other plumbing-related task.


Proficient in our work

Plumbing related issues are common. Whether it is a pipe burst or an installment of pipeline throughout your house. We provide our customers with a satisfying service. We believe in the rapid treatment of the problems without unnecessary delay. Therefore, we offer quick and proper services and honest work. We are proficient in dealing with all types of problems like water treatment, pipe replacement, treatment of clogged pipes and loose connections. We also offer complete house inspection. Here are some common issues which people often come across. Calling Graydon Faulstick’s team will eradicate these problems as quickly as possible.


Acidic water erosion

As with the increase in the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere many environmental hazards are taking place. Due to the increased level of pollution, the copper tubing in your house gets damaged. It gets destroyed inside out with the accumulation of pollutants like coal ashes etc. It is usually carried by the rain into your house or office. If your bathtubs or showers are showing any blue-green stain then this is most probably the case. With the corrosion of copper pipes, there is an increased chance of pipe burst. Graydon Faulstick is familiar with this issue and will provide you the best possible solution regarding the damage.


Loose connections

If you are having issues with pipe leakage or can’t get the right water pressure then it may be due to loose connections of pipes. The experienced workers of Graydon Faulstick will give your house a complete inspection checking every pipe and connection for you so that you can enjoy peace of mind. With our forty years of experience, we can devise a solution right away and eradicate the disturbance.


Clogged Pipes

Having clogged pipes is the most common of all the plumbing problems. It is mainly due to the drainage of greasy fluids, fatty stuff, or Hair. If it is a small pipe and not clogged completely, you can treat it without the help of any plumber. Just use half cup vinegar or baking soda and pull out the visible hair from it to clear out the pipe. But if the problem remains you can contact us. Graydon Faulstick will always be at your service


Mentioned above are a small variety of different plumbing issues. If any of these problems happen to you we have over 40 years of service dedicated to help solve any problem from small to large. Make sure at the end of the day that you chose the best plumbing service around and that’s Graydon Faulstick !

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