The top 3 reasons your drains are clogged

Having clogged drains can lead to a lot of damage to your plumbing and it is important to know the most common causes of clogged drains. With these quick and easy things to avoid you will be saving money in no time with long lasting pipes and drains. When the times get tough though here are the top three reason why your drains get clogged and simple ways to fix them if it isn’t too late.

1. Heavy Grease and Fat Buildup

Pouring oil, grease and fat down the sink are not only the biggest reasons your drains get clogged but it can be a slow process until their doom. The buildup sticks to the sides of the pipes causing the flow of water and liquid to narrow until no passage of any water or soap can go through. A way to help prevent clogged pipes is to run hot water through the drain to prevent grease buildup and hard water deposits. To really prevent any clogging in your Plumbing system, put in a ½ cup of baking soda, then by a ½ cup of vinegar and clear it out with some boiling water.
Try to avoid putting any type of grease, oil or fat down the drains, instead throw them in the trash or in a compost.

2. Hair Backup

This is one i’m sure everyone has dealt with at one point or another – Hair! Hair is definitely the leading factor to clogged bathtub and bathroom sinks. It doesn’t matter the length of hair once it gathers it becomes a net for other foreign objects to get trapped leading to a quick and sudden stoppage of water and liquids.  To help with hair backup use a device to block debris from getting into the sink or bathtub to gather any loose hairs or material that might go into the drains. Make sure to clean up any loose strands of hair or debris and throw it away before it goes down the pipe. Hair backup can always be avoidable but it’s definitely one of the top reasons for buildup and blockage.

3. Foreign Objects

Only a few specific items are meant to be washed or flushed down the pipes. The toilet is often the most affected by foreign objects. Feminine products, baby wipes, and too much toilet paper all cause clogs. Even dental floss can get caught and build up over time. Keep a trash can near the toilet to avoid these things getting flushed. Also, keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed so little children don’t put their toys and other items in the toilet.


These are the top three reasons why you definitely want to avoid these objects in any of your drains or pipes. Sometimes it is just something that can’t be avoided and if you do find yourself in a bind with a clog or with any type of plumbing problem definitely keep us in mind! You can reach Graydon Faulstick Plumbing at 5709920447

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