Does Water Usage and Conservation Matter?

Absolutely it does. Water conservation is something that all of us need to be thinking about and consider employing in our everyday lives. Not only is it good for our planet and resources but it’s good for us and everyone around us. In the US we use a staggering amount of water, with each American using approximately 600 liters of water on the daily. To put that into perspective someone in Australia uses about 470 liters and someone in a developing country would use just 15 liters max. So, what does all this mean, and what should we do?

Our Planet

The amount of water we’re currently using is significantly higher than it probably should be. Water is replenishable, but it certainly has its limits- and proper drinking water has even more limits. The biggest worry in water conservation is using too much water too fast, before the resource has the chance to replenish. Through the water cycle much of the water we use ends up going through the motions and coming back down to Earth- however, the water does not come back in the same amount, in the same location, or the same quality. Just like most other things, the more something is used, the more ruined it becomes. When it comes to the planet, water conservation is needed to continue to sustain life. If there isn’t enough water to go around, catastrophe could occur, and ecosystems could collapse. The idea is to conserve now, to save things later down the road.


Water is as important to human life as air is. If you need it, chances are so does Joe from down the block. But more importantly, so does your local agricultural industries, livestock, thermoelectrical power grids, and fire station. Water is an essential part of our daily lives, and as there’s only so much to go around, we can’t all have all of it. Water waste from everyday people accumulated can really add up and affect local industries if we aren’t careful. It’s important to be mindful of others and to share with others.


Lastly, water conservation can directly affect you. Sure, you may not live to see the day the Earth runs out of fresh water or witness an out of control fire with no water to lend help. But something you likely will see is your bank statement- every month at that. If, for nothing else, conserving water, also helps you to conserve the money in your wallet. Monitoring your water using will end up lowering your utility costs and conserving energy in the process, all leading to you saving money.

Water conservation really only has upsides. You save the future of our planet, others, and your money. All of that in exchange for slightly shorter showers and water monitoring? Sounds like a deal to us!

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