Hustle in the Pocono Mountains

With the construction of the new Giant in place of the old Kmart, there has been a lot of issues with the pipes in the East Stroudsburg borough. Since construction started, a pipe burst that caused a water boil advisory, which means that you had to boil your water before using it. The advisory was lifted however, there are still lingering issues. Reports include brown water running when faucets are turned on. To combat this, the chlorine levels have to be raised, so it can kill off the bacteria.

Call the Experts

That sounds like a lot of work that can lead to complications if done improperly. Allow the experts at Graydon Faulstick Plumbing to help as they specialize in water treatment. Still need convincing? Here’s the Faulstick promise:

“Faulstick’s water treatment services provide chemicals and equipment that is chosen with you in mind. We will personally work with you until we get the best solution possible. Our flexibility and experience allow us to give our customers exactly what they want in an efficient manner that best fits them.”

Experience the Hustle

Their unkempt dedication to providing you with the best service that is going to best fit you is all the convincing need. Not only are they ready to get down and get their hands dirty, they will accurately assess your needs and fulfill them. You know you can trust them with experience that dates back FOUR decades.

Don’t delay call them now so you can assure your water is safe.

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