Is Bleach Safe for My Pipes?

We all want to have clean, fresh smelling toilets. With the alternative being dirty and unpleasant scents wreaking from your pipes, we understand why you would take drastic measures to avoid this. With countless items available on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder what, exactly, are the right products or tools to use? One of the most frequently asked questions of plumbers regarding cleaning agents, is whether or not tablets containing bleaching ingredients are flushable. We aim to clear up any confusion regarding this common question and steer you in the right direction.


The quickest answer to this question is no. While there are instances where using bleach can assist in cleaning appliances such as your toilet bowl, it is widely known to cause harm to your plumbing system over frequent use. Bleach is an extremely powerful substance, one that is toxic, and should always be handled with caution. Pouring bleach down your drain has the potential to result in a negative concoction when mingled with other substances that are already in your pipes. Additionally, the reactive fumes can cause issues within your home, and health issues for those who live in it. As far as pipe clearing goes, bleach can actually result in a drain clog, worse than it previously might have been.


Some toilet cleaning products do contain bleach ingredients, and if you are using them, they should not sit in your toilet for more than 10 minutes at a time. Corrosion and other issues can surface overtime if it sits in it longer than that, or if the bleaching agents are used routinely. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to bleach-based products that still get the job done efficiently, there are many products that are up to the task. A substance such as vinegar and baking soda are a fantastic method to getting your toilet bowl white again. Pour vinegar into the water, followed by some baking soda circling around the perimeter of the water. Once you give it a good scrub, the ingredients will mix together and get your toilet sparkling.
For pre-made products, we recommend doing a quick internet search so you can add the products onto your next shopping list. You should never have to choose between keeping your toilet smelling fresh, or having the assurance that your pipes are being with optimum care. With various alternate options on the market, compromising is a thing of the past. 


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