Keeping your Well Water Safe

One of the most important things in our daily lives is our water supplies. For most of us, it’s something that we don’t take great notice to, unless something’s gone wrong. Those who are hooked up to a city water system don’t need to pay much attention to their water supply, since they aren’t the ones in charge of it. However, for private well owners, taking note of your water supply is an extremely important factor of daily life, as the safety of their water falls entirely on their shoulders. 

Well Construction  

When talking about well water safety, the first thing you need to look at is the construction of the well. Of course, you want your well to be well constructed and sturdy, but well location is just as important.  

First and foremost, your well needs to be built in such a way that rainwater will fall away from it, as rainwater is one of the main reasons for well water contamination. Your well must also be a good distance from septic tanks or livestock- a good 50 feet away. If your livestock have a manure pile, your well will need to be about 250 feet away. Any petroleum tank will need to be about 100 feet away.  

Well Care 

The other thing for well owners to take into account is well care- something that should be very familiar to experienced well owners! Yearly (or even more) testing of your water is essential to the safety of your water. The results of this testing will give you the knowledge you need to tweak your water and make sure it’s free of any contaminants.  

After testing, you can go ahead and treat your water- meaning, taking care of the excess minerals, bacteria, and contaminants in the water. Treating your water is what makes it drinkable for your household. In addition to testing and treating, using a water filter will make sure your water is as clean and free of any contaminants as it can be. And in using a water filter comes water filter care and maintenance.  

Keeping You Safe

The safety of your water supply is always an important part of your daily life, whether you think about it daily or not. But for well owners, the safety of their water supply is an essential factor in their life, as they are the ones responsible if something were to go wrong. But with proper building and proper care, your well will be able to supply your household with clean, safe water every day for the next decade or more.   

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