One of the worst situations a homeowner can encounter is issues regarding their sewer. The work is extensive, costs a hefty sum, and can take quite a long time. Oh, and did we mention the gaping whole in your yard after the digging is complete? Needless to say, dealing with sewer repair is not how anyone wants to dole out their spare time or money. 
It’s easy to assume that going straight to trenching would be the most straightforward or only way to approach your sewer issues; however, more options have become possible over the years. With the advancement of technology, sewer cameras are often part of a professional technician’s capabilities. By pairing the camera with other essential plumbing equipment, solving sewage questions can be solved on a much simpler scale. Let’s delve a bit deeper into what a pipe camera inspection involves.

What is Pipe Camera Inspection?

The cameras are created to track the insides of what’s going on in the pipes. With their waterproof build, they can be sent through a pipeline and capture a full visual scope. Inserting the tiny camera, which is typically the size of a smartphone, is attached to a metal cable and sent in to do its thing. This nifty tool can be snaked through difficult to reach pipes, ones that are underground, below the foundation of one’s home, within walls, surrounded by substances like concrete, etc. The technician is able to maneuver the camera due to the flexibility of the long cable. The goal of using a pipe camera is to inspect the pipes thoroughly, without having to do any intrusive work that might not actually be needed. 

When is it needed?

A pipe camera inspection might be needed it there is a consistent backup or clog with your sewer or drain line. Even a slow drain could be an indicator of a potential issue. Some of these issues are results of: cracks, leaks, or blockages. Technicians will visually discover if blockages are caused by tree root damage, corrosion from substances, or old-age fractures. Utilizing the camera inspector is a great feature for homeowners or potential buyers to see if even something as simple as a grease build up is on the rise. Having assurance of what state your pipes are in can save you the headache of future issues that could arise from simply not knowing. 

Why Does it work?

The technicians who work with camera pipes are skilled in getting all the information needed for assessment. Figuring out what the problem is, and the precise location of said issue will eliminate unnecessary disruption to your home. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal to get your pipes inspected when you consider the camera’s abilities. No need to have a gigantic blockage catch you off guard… modern technology supplies you with every reason to sigh in relief. 
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