Reasons to Call a Plumber

It wouldn’t make sense to call up your local plumber for a toilet clog that could be remedied with a basic plunger. With outlets of knowledge such as the internet and video tutorials that are available to us, there is a lot one can actually learn to do themselves. In fact, with these aids, many might feel that they don’t need plumbing assistance at all. Certain instances, however, are best left to a reputable plumber to ensure the matter is handled properly. Below are a handful of plumbing jobs that we recommend leaving to professionally trained plumbers.


Whether your pipes burst, are leaking, or need replacement, we highly recommend calling a plumber immediately.

Leaking pipes can be a result of various issues, but are often related to age. Pipes are made to last lengthy periods of time, but years of consistent use lead to breakdown and potential leaks. Some of the warning signs are visually apparent, like wet stains on your walls, ceilings, floors, etc. For leaks that are not as quickly identified, we suggest always keeping an eye out for:

  • Rusty pipes or appliances
  • Foundation cracks
  • Persistent musty/mildew smells 
  • Signs of growing mold in bathrooms
  • Unusually high water bills

A pipe burst isn’t solely reserved for colder states and negative temperatures. In the winter, there is a possibility of a pipe freeze, and subsequently, a burst occuring. The mess that’s leftover can be extensive and costly to recover from. Here are a few ways to combat the cold weather effects on your pipes:

  • Set the heat in your home at a consistently comfortable temperature
  • Open cabinets/doors to supply the pipes with the warm airflow
  • Run the faucets at a steady drip during the night to keep the water working through the pipes
  • Ensure any cracks are repaired
  • Check insulation on pipes if they are in a colder area of your home

If you’ve followed these steps well, but your pipes still result in a burst from freezing weather, call for professionals immediately. This emergency needs attention without delay.

Knowing what precautions should be taken to keep your pipes safe within your home is crucial. For more detailed instructions, read our article on how to keep your pipes from bursting during the winter season.

If you have pipes in need of replacement or relocation, you will want hired help to complete the job. You can get many years, even many decades out of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained systems will need to be replaced eventually. When your pipes have reached the end of their timeline, having a plumber efficiently replace them will be in your best interest.

Similarly, remodeling a room that requires moving certain appliances to another area means relocating all of the piping, as well. For the average individual with limited experience dealing with these instances, involving a plumber can save your project from becoming a messy headache.


If your water heater is in need of replacement or installation, it can be a complicated process. Having a professional examine the water heater can save you from issues that occur during the aftermath of water damage. When you need a new water heater, having your plumber get it up and running will be faster and provide you with your sorely missed hot showers. 

If you are unsure of what water heater to select, this would also be a great question to ask for recommendations on what to purchase.


The most dreaded problem to manage is a sewer line backup. Aside from the unsanitary bacteria and unpleasant stench, working through this type of backup can be complex. In order to keep yourself and home in a healthy state, hiring a trustworthy professional will clear up your sewer lines in a timely, controlled manner.


A slow stream of H2O when you’re in a rush is more than irritating – it could also be a red flag for a serious issue. Having low water pressure could be from several things, including: 

  • A failed pressure regulator or no pressure regulator
  • Worn out steel pipes
  • A leak in your pipes
  • A blockages within your pipes
  • A closed water shut off valve
  • A closed meter valve

It may seem insignificant, but we suggest having a plumber determine the source of this deflation in pressure. If you have more questions about this, learn more about why your water pressure is so low.


At some point, nearly every individual is faced with a leaky faucet in their home. While it is a very common problem, it should be fixed promptly to avoid losing water, and subsequently, your hard earned money. If you’re worried about it being a drawn-out process, you can rest easy knowing it is generally a simple fix. Often times, the problem could be:

  • O-Ring needs replacing
  • Defective gasket 
  • The cartridge is old
  • Valve seat or washer is bad
  • Mineral deposits on internal parts

For those who have knowledge in the plumbing field, this might be a task you could handle yourself. For the rest, having a plumber narrow down the issue will be helpful.


If you’re ever unsure of what the right direction to take is, giving a plumber a quick call will save you the confusion and potential of creating an even bigger issue.Providing homes and businesses in the Saylorsburg, Monroe, and West End area with top of the line services, Graydon Faulstick Plumbing is equipped to answer your plumbing concerns. You can reach us at 570-992-0447 or 610-381-4171 for more information.

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