Sewer Lines | Common Problems and How to Handle Them

Sewer lines are the piece of the plumbing system. They are the largest drain concealed under your grounds. It takes the wastewater out of your property and ensures the well-being of the environment. All other home channels ultimately drive to the main sewer line, small issues and mishandlings can cause big problems in the lines and other parts concurrently. Here, we are sharing some common basics of home sewer lines that will help you to understand your sewer lines and the preventive maintenance to avoid a big mess.

  1. Roots Penetration:

Green and refreshing plants can be scavengers for your pipelines deep in roots. Roots grow under the ground and penetrate the sewer lines in search of water for their survival. Roots growth is inevitable but the risk can be diminished by;

  •  Planting at a fair distance from sewer lines
  •  Avoiding Water-loving plants
  • Watering plants properly
  • Using cast-iron pipes instead of clay mainline
  1. Cracks in sewer lines and pipes

Cast-iron is the best solution to roots penetration but, they are highly susceptible to rusting. It can cause weakening then bursting of pipes. Pipes get more vulnerable with time and also be deflated by the passage of harsh chemicals. Leaky pipes and damaged sewer lines can cause cracks to the well-settled home foundation as well. Timely inspections and maintenance are the only solutions to bypass highly paid disasters.

  1. Clogging and blocking

Alien items in the kitchen sink and toilet causes clogs. They are not designed to intake wet tissues, feminine products, hair, and soap residue. Clog makes the drain slow, gradually escalating pressure on your sewer lines to burst out. Clogs in the sink or bathroom can be solved by a manual plunger or snake drain. Harsh chemicals can worsen the long-run scenario.

Before the worst, it gives minor symptoms. Gurgling noise, water backing, and draining of the water from one fixture to another is an alarm to call a plumber.

  1. Sewage Odor

Sewer odor lurking in your house sounds alarming. The reason behind could be the sewer lines demanding replacement but there is more probability of an easy fix. Just check the house traps, loose caps or the covers missing can also be the reason.

  1. Sewer line pitches

If the sewer lines are not properly inclined, waste can pile up in the wrong line due to disturbance in gravity. This can cause backups and the problem can be fixed by alteration in sewer lines and installation of pumps to work according to gravity.

Sewer lines are vital to the home foundation. Ignorance of maintenance and investigation can be a major inconvenience and disruption to your home and daily routine. Some issues can be resolved by the DIY tutorial, but if it is with the main sewer line. You should rely on professionals.

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