Springtime Plumbing Tips

As the weather warms up and our windows start to open, we often times forget about what these weather changes mean for our home. As excited as we may be to see green grass and flowers blooming, we also need to remember that this season comes with a lot of hard work!

Here’s our top 5 tips for what not to forget about this spring plumbing season.

Clean Your Gutters

This tip is one we find to be the most basic, but one that we all need a little pestering to actually get done. Set aside a nice Saturday afternoon to get a little sun and get a little dirty cleaning the suckers out for the springtime rain that’s sure to be coming! This is the best way to ensure you don’t have gutter problems in the coming weeks.

Check out Appliances

Springtime = Spring cleaning. Now is the perfect time to check out all your large appliances for any issues. Things like your washing machine or dishwasher may need their hoses changed, and all of your large appliances surely need a cleaning. Don’t forget to check out fridge with water supplies, dryer vents, and food disposals, among other things.

Sump Pump

Oftentimes when the weather warms up snow melts and rain comes, causing flooding in your sump pump. To make sure everything is working properly simply pour some water into the pit to activate the switch. While you’re at it give it a nice cleaning, taking out leaves and other natural debris, and pour a vinegar mixture in there to help clean it out.

Check your Pipes

Spring is a great time to check out your plumbing for frozen pipes. Cold winter weather often leads to pipes freezing, thawing out, and cracking, which can cause major leaks. Simply find your main water pipes (usually in a crawl space or basement) and feel around for any cracks- or worse any water. If you find any broken pipes they’ll surely need to be fixed!

Clean out your Water Heater

Your water heater naturally tends to build up sediments over time. This build up causes insufficient heating, a rise in energy bills, and a lack of hot water, among other things. The best way to remedy these issues is to drain the water heater of the old water. As easy as this job may sound it’s definitely not one we recommend for the at-home plumber! The best way to get this done is to simply call your local plumber.

Spring is the perfect time to clean out and reset your home. Your plumbing system and appliances are screaming for attention at this time of year. So be sure to open your windows, air out your house, and get to work!

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