Stainless Steel Pumps

Pumps sets of all kinds can benefit from stainless steel. Besides it being an aesthetic material of choice for many, it is also beneficial for submersible pumps. Below are a few reasons why you will want to consider stainless steel pumps whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Stainless Steel Pumps

With stainless steel, there is extra longevity involved. While it may be pricier than other materials available, it has more resistance against corrosion and oxidation. It is also durable enough to hold its own against solvents, sea water, brine, acids with low pH levels, and more. With the addition of austenite (an alloy containing nickel and chromium), the metal combination within the alloy provides the steel with a certain strength that is unaffected against high temps, pitting, and corrosion.

But what about Bronze?

If you’re curious of how stainless steel holds up against Bronze, we have a few bits of info to pass along. Bronze is a well known and selected choice for pumps, but as previously stated, it is not as long term resistant when it comes to rust and corrosion. With this in mind, the stainless steel benefits your bank account, due to its consistency over a long period of time. Bronze is more susceptible to corrosion, and once that happens, the potential for leakage and the pump becoming unusable increases. Undoubtedly, you will want a pump that can last as long as possible – and stainless steel is known for this type of stamina.
Another commonly unknown fact is stainless steel is more flexible than bronze. The need for maintenance increases when using bronze pumps, because they require upkeep in order to prevent leaks or ruptures from occurring. With stainless steel, maintenance is relatively minimal, which saves you from headaches down the road.
Formability is also an important factor. Stainless steel makes welding, installation, and fabrication a much simpler process. Due to these pipes being adaptive to environments of all types, stainless steel is a versatile choice across the board.

The more you know

Considering this information, you can make an informed decision of what type of pump will work best for your home. If you have questions that you would like professional input on, we always recommend asking a plumber to verify what the right steps are. At Graydon Faulstick Plumbing, we are prepared to assist you in your plumbing needs. For assistance, you can reach us at 570-992-0447 or 610-381-4171 for more information.
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