The Easiest Ways to Unclog Your Sink

There’s nothing worse in your kitchen then a sink that won’t drain. Not only is it incredibly annoying (and probably stinky) but if left unchecked it can be very damaging and costly.

If your sink is left blocked up the pressure can lead to a burst pipe, which is a messy, expensive repair. But the good news is a clogged-up sink is an easy fix for the average DIYer and can be done for most with tools you have in your home already.

Roll up your sleeves and armor up with some rubber gloves to get ready.

Method 1: Pulling out the Clog

This can be done by one of two ways, with a plunger or a vacuum that has a wet setting, although we recommend trying a plunger first. When using the plunger, first fill your sink with enough water to submerge the head of the plunger. From there simply plunge the drain like you would your toilet.

Method 2: A Vacuum

If a plunger doesn’t work, you could try a vacuum. For this, allow the sink to drain of all water first. Then switch your vacuum to its wet setting and suction the hose head to the drain. Turn it on high and see if anything comes up! If nothing happens after a minute or two though it’s best to move on to another method.

Method 3: Dislodging

If pulling doesn’t work, you could move on to trying to remove the clog from within the pipe. To try to dislodge the clog bring a large pot of water to a boil. Then simply pour that water down the drain. If the first pot doesn’t do the trick completely (but seemed to work a little bit) you could try the process again.

Method 4: Dissolving

To try to dissolve the clog we have to get a little scientific- don’t worry! Take a cup of baking soda -not powder- and dump it down the drain. Then take a cup of white vinegar and do the same. You should be able to hear a little sizzle from the drain. Don’t listen too long though and be sure to cover the drain to keep the mixture contained on the clog. Wait about fifteen minutes and then rinse the mixture (and clog) away with hot water.

Faulstick Plumbing

If it’s an especially bad clog and all else fails it’s best to give your local plumber a call, as you don’t want to aggravate the issue. Most clogs however should succumb to at least one of these methods, which is the good news. Good luck and happy plunging!

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