The Real Cost of Well Water

For many home owners, the idea of well water may sound like a dream- for others, well ownership may sound like a nightmare. Well ownership can gift you with many incredible benefits, but of course, everything comes at a cost- cost of your money, cost of your time, and cost of your safety. For better or worse, many home owners may not realize what well ownership may mean for their life. So, the question that needs to be answered is: what is the real cost of well water?  


Wells are investments. If you feel that the well lifestyle is right for you, then it’s an investment that’ll be worth it in the long-term. The construction of your well is the largest up-front cost, which can vary a lot depending on a multitude of factors. Your well can be as inexpensive as around $2000, or as expensive as around $35,000. But the up-front money isn’t all you’ll spend on well water. The maintenance of your well will also be a cost factor, from the materials required to maintain its PH, to the inspection costs, and the filter costs. Where well water is a large up-front cost though, city water is a monthly bill to factor into your life.  


Wells, undeniably, require more of your time than city water. This starts with the construction of the well, if it’s new, which is gonna require at least a couple days. The big time factor of well water is its maintenance. Scheduling yearly inspections is a must, and weekly or monthly PH testing is highly suggested. Filters for your well water will also require a little bit of time in care. You can compare this to city water, which requires about as much time as turning on the faucet.  


The thing about wells, is that the safety of well water relies almost entirely on the well owner. Which, depending on the person, may be a good or a bad thing. With wells, you need to remember that they are private functioning entities. That means that if something were to ever go wrong with the public water supply well owners would remain unaffected. However, in order to be safe for consumption, well water needs to be constantly maintained by the owner. So, as a well owner, if something is wrong with your water, that responsibility relies solely on you. But, when done right, and maintained correctly, wells can be safer and healthier than city water.  

Bottom Line

As with all things, well water is a give and a take. It all comes down to personal preference, whether well water or city water is right for your household. Well ownership isn’t for everyone, but if you can give your well your time and dedication, it can reward you with clean, healthy water for your household for life.  

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