Tips to Keep Your Plumbing Happy

The last thing you would want to have to deal with is a giant puddle of water in your house because of a plumbing malfunction.  Here are a few tips to keep your plumbing happy as a clam, and avoid damage to your home.  

Don’t Ignore Leaks

The occasional leak may seem like no big deal, but you should never skip over them.  Small leaks eventually become big leaks, and therefore, big problems.  Small leaks can be cause by over-tightening fittings, broken seals, clogged lines, and excess water pressure.  Home owners should make it a point to inspect all of the plumbing in your home to catch potential leaks early.  

Know the Location of Shut Off Valves

Should a major leak occur, or a pipe rupture, it is important to know where the shut-off valves for your water supply are located.  Each home has a main shut off valve, which will stop the water flow to your entire house.  There are also individual shut-off valves for different isolated sections of plumbing, such as the kitchen and bathroom.  The individual shut off valves are useful for when you are servicing a specific area of your home.  For example, by closing the valve to your bathroom to repair the sink, you can still have access to running water to wash dishes in the kitchen by only closing the bathroom valve. 

Don’t Put Garbage Down the Drain

Certain objects, especially trash, should never be put down your drains and pipes.  One specific area to pay close attention to is the flushing of items labeled “flushable” on their packaging.  Things like feminine products and bathroom wet wipes are better off in the trash can, because the water efficiency of toilets are often not strong enough to clear all of the obstruction out of the pipe way.  Additionally, you should also pay attention to what you are putting down your garbage disposal.  For a complete list of garbage disposal do’s and don’ts, click here.

Ditch Harsh Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners and de-cloggers can cause irreparable damage to your plumbing over a long period of time, due to the corrosion that occurs from the harsh chemicals in them.  Instead, opt for chemical free cleaning and declogging options, such as plungers, drain snakes, and natural solutions such as vinegar and baking soda.  You can also prevent clogs altogether by using a mesh drain covering to catch debris such as hair, soap pieces, food particles and small objects. 

Keep Tabs on Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure could lead to leaks or pipes rupturing.  To prevent this from happening, be sure to keep an eye on your Pressure Regulator to be sure that it is working properly.  If you notice that the water pressure in your home is high, you can adjust the pressure regulator to a more appropriate setting.  Some home owners occasionally experience low water pressure.  If this is the case for you, examine the fixture that is servicing the area experiencing low pressure, such as the specific faucet or water line.  More often than not, low water pressure is caused by clogs, mineral build up or air trapped in the pipes.

Protect Your Pipes from the Cold

Pipes really do freeze, and here in the Pocono Mountains where winters can be extremely cold, it is important to protect your plumbing from freezing, resulting in ruptured pipes and leaking water in your home.  Exposed plumbing pipes should be wrapped with insulated tubing wherever possible to prevent them from being directly exposed to the cold, and seal off any leaks that allow cold air to get into the area where your pipes are located.  And, as you winterize your home, remove hoses and other outdoor plumbing that directly connects to your indoor water supply source.  

Leave the Tricky Stuff to the Professionals

Some plumbing jobs are just too much to handle on your own, which is where Faulstick Plumbing come in handy.  No job is too big or too small for our trusted professionals to assist you with.  If you need help with a plumbing project or problem, call 570-992-0447 to schedule an appointment.  

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