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Water Treatment

Faulstick’s water treatment services provide chemicals and equipment that is chosen with you in mind. We will personally work with you until we get the best solution possible. Our flexibility and experience allows us to give our customers exactly what they want in an efficient manner that best fits them.


We cater to Monroe, Carbon and the West End areas

Faulstick offers the following water treatment services:

Benefit protection plumbing
Drinking water systems
Water softeners/conditioners
Removal of bacteria, rust, etc.
Bacteriostatic treatment
Chlorinators/bacteria disinfection
Control of acid sulfur sediment
Ultraviolet disinfection/charcoal filters
Automatic metered softeners
Fluoridated water/UV filtration
Activated carbon systems
Sediment removal/distilling
Bad taste and odor removal
Automatic filters/iron filters
Pump and pressure tank service


Local. Experienced. Honest.

Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to call us for any
of your well and water treatment needs.