Well Pump Tips for Success

When it comes to your well pump and your well system as a whole, there’s no room to play games. This system is the reason your household has a ready and stable water supply and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Being a well-owner comes with lots of responsibility, which means it’s always helpful to get some advice from the pros.

With a few simple well pump tips and suggestions, you’ll be set up well for success!

Be Responsible 

A super simple tip that comes in handy a ton is proper bookkeeping when it comes to your well pump. Record everything that you think may come in use later down the line, such as: the date installed, the brand and model number, who installed it, and the set depth. Keep a document of your wiring diagram and pressure settings, and things like your well driller report and water testing reports here as well. Having all of your documents in one place and having all of your information well-recorded is invaluable to your well technician. 

Be Knowledgeable 

Learn as much about your well pump as you possibly can. Know where the electrical breaker is and try to learn the basics of well and well pump function and maintenance. It’s also helpful to know the signs for when something goes wrong, such as changes in your waters taste, color, or smell, the pressure of your water, or running pump problems. It’s best to be as knowledgeable about something you own as is reasonably possible for yourself. No need to overdo it, save the more challenging problems for the expertise of your well tech, but the basics will get you far. 

Be Proactive

There’s a lot to do with well’s that should be left for the pro’s, however, there’s also a lot that you can check up on yourself. Being proactive and prepared can help save your well from disaster if something goes wrong. Take care of some maintenance, such as routine checks on the pressure switch, pressure gauge, pressure tank, and water flow. Knowing how these things should function and being able to spot when something doesn’t seem right is crucial in caring for your well system. 

Be Prepared 

Be sure to always have an annual well inspection done on your system. This allows you to learn from your plumber, and get your system checked out from top to bottom to ensure everything Is in working order. Yearly water testing should also be done to ensure the quality of your water. It may be a good idea to put away a small bit of money each year specifically for inspections, testing, and for any fixes, if they need to be done. 

Faulstick Has Your Back

With just a few simple adjustments to your daily life, your well and your water can thrive. Water is the most important thing in our day to day lives and ensuring the stability of your water supply should be top priority for well owners. Being responsible, knowledgeable, proactive, and prepared will keep your well pristine! 

At Faulstick Plumbing, we specialize in installs, repairs, and inspections for all of your well, water, and plumbing needs. Our family-owned and operated business has built a reputation as the best- doing things the right way with the customer in mind, every time. Give us a call at 570-992-0447 to discuss your needs today!

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