Well Water Systems: The Problem with Hard Water

One of the most important parts of caring for your well water system is treating your water. When your water supply comes from the city it’s pretreated and disinfected before it ever reaches your home.

So, for well owners, it’s just as important to treat your groundwater before using it in your home. Contaminants from the water can affect the smell, look, and safety of the water in your home, meaning it’s essential to care for your water properly. 

Testing Your Water

The first step in filtering your water is to get it tested by the state. Yearly testing on your well water is essential to having clean, safe water for your family. Once the testing is done you’ll be able to determine what method of filtration would be best to take care of the specific minerals and impurities that the water in your area has. It’s also important to note that groundwater can always change from year to year, or even just over a period of weeks. So it’s good to keep an eye out for the warning signs of contaminated or hard water throughout the year, like your water tasting or smelling funny, or your whites turning orange in the wash. 

After testing your water, you have to make the difficult choice of which filtration method to go with. When deciding, it’s important to consider what exactly you need to filter out of your water, how much you’re willing to spend, and how much maintenance you want to keep up with. The main categories are water softeners, waters filters, and bleach, each having their own pros and cons. Doing research into these three main categories will help to get you matched with the right water filtration system for your well and your household. Advice can always be found with your local health department, local plumber, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the National Ground Water Association.

Faulstick Plumbing

Properly caring for your water can make all the difference in your well owning experience. Getting yearly testing on your water will ensure the safety and quality of your water over your lifetime and keep your family protected. And filtering your well water system is, arguably, one of the most important parts of your well’s upkeep. 

At Faulstick Plumbing, we specialize in installs, repairs, and inspections for all of your well, water, and plumbing needs. Our family-owned and operated business has built a reputation as the best-doing things the right way with the customer in mind, every time. Give us a call at 570-992-0447 to discuss your needs today!

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