What Can I Put In My Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are so convenient!  I can put anything down there!….right?  Actually, it may surprise you to know that certain items should never be put into your garbage disposal as they may cause clogging to the sink pipes and may even damage the unit altogether.  We’ve written a list of items you should avoid putting into your garbage disposal to keep it working top notch.


This includes items such as potato peelings, celery, artichokes, asparagus, onion skins, lettuce and other green leafy vegetables.  The fibers of these vegetables could get tangled on the blades of the garbage disposal unit and create a jam.  This could ultimately result in your sink becoming clogged from all of the fibrous debris blocking the sink water’s path.


When pasta and rice are cooked, they swell.  They can also continue to expand as long as they remain in water.  Even though your garbage disposal breaks a majority of food into tiny pieces, there is still the risk of the pasta or rice getting stuck in the unit and becoming waterlogged, resulting in a pipe jam.


Similar to how eggshells stick to your fingers when peeling them, egg shells could stick to the insides of your sink plumbing.  The membranes attached to the egg shells could also become lodged in the drain.


Although coffee grounds would make your drains smell wonderful after putting all kinds of food down the drain, it should be avoided.  The coffee grounds become heavy when saturated with water, causing them to settle in the curves of the drain pipe, which could result in a clog.


Certain chemical cleaners can be erosive.  Keep in mind that sink plumbing is often made of metal.  When erosion occurs, you are prone to having a leak under your sink.  Cleaning chemicals such as concentrated bleach and hydrochloric acid should never be put into your garbage disposal.


Household garbage should never be put into your garbage disposal.  Common kitchen garbage items such as paper towels, coffee filters and even food wrappers and twist ties are commonly mistaken for garbage disposal safe items.  If the item you are considering putting into your garbage disposal does not easily decompose, you should assume that it is unsafe for your garbage disposal.

Are you guilty of one if these garbage disposal mistakes and in need of a plumber to clear the drain or fix the system?  Give Graydon Faulstick a call and one of our handy plumbers will be delighted to restore your sink and garbage disposal to its proper function!

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