What to Expect When Repiping Your Home

There comes a time in every homes life when things that were once running smoothly are starting to turn into a problem. If you find yourself constantly having plumbing issues and paying a fortune to fix them, it may be time for a whole new set of pipes. Or perhaps your beautiful old Victorian home is hiding a secret behind its walls of out-dated lead pipes or rusting galvanized pipes. This too, means it’s time. Repiping your home is a serious process that’s going to be an investment in both time and money. In the long run though repiping will pay off in the safety of your home and family, and saving yourself the struggle of constant plumbing problems.  

The Process

So, you’ve decided to start the repiping process, but now what? Repiping is going to be a serious home renovation that’s bound to cause a little ruckus in your household. You should contact multiple different plumbing agencies to do an inspection of your home to compare pricing, time, etc. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific amount of timeframe since it varies so much from house to house and company to company. However, a good generalization could be that repiping your home will take a couple days of vigorous work and construction and will run you a couple thousand. This of course depends on the size of your house, how much piping you have, how difficult it is to access the pipes, the new pipes chosen, and plumbing company you go with. 

During the Repiping process you can expect to have your home invaded for as long as it takes to complete the job. That means that during the time that the company is working, the water will have to be shut off. The plumber will also have to do some work simply to access the pipes, which means cutting through your walls. Because of this, covering your furniture and floors is almost a must. Many companies will opt to cover everything for you, as well as patch up the walls and repaint, however not all, so it’s important to check with your chosen plumber. 

The After

After your home is Repiped, you’ll understand the joy of having a smoothly running house. No more leaky faucets, running water, clogs, or pressure problems. Depending on the piping you choose you should be problem free for decades, bringing you peace of mind, peace of home, and peace of wallet! 

Faulstick Plumbing

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