What You Need to Know About Acidic Well Water

As well owners, the care of your drinking water falls entirely on your shoulders. If you own a pool, or are familiar with pool care, you’ll probably know about the PH scale, which measures the acidity and alkalinity if liquids. On the PH scale, you want your drinking water to be as close as to neutral as possible, which is a 7 on the scale. If you dip below 7, you’re entering into the acidic area. If you rise above 7, you’ll get into the alkalinity area. For example, a 6 on the scale would be urine, whereas a 5 on the scale would be salt water.  

But why is our water supposed to be neutral? What does it mean if it’s acidic?  

Acidic Water  

When it comes to acidic water, it certainly sounds scary. However, slightly acidic water can actually be used positively for a few things. In gardening, acidic water can actually ward off bacteria and fungi. It can also be used for washing off fruits and veggies, as the acidic water will provide a slight disinfection.  

However, acidic water is not meant for human consumption. In small amounts, drinking acidic water is fine- it’s not like it’ll kill you on the spot or anything! But, in large amounts, acidic water will give you way too much lead, copper, and iron. Most commonly, having large quantities of these metals in your system, over time, can lead to cardiovascular issues, metabolic issues, or infections.  

Neutralizing your Drinking Water  

When it comes to neutralizing your water, the first step, always, is testing your water. In order to know where to go, you need to know your starting point. Pick up a water testing kit, they’re fairly easy to come by, and something good to keep on hand, and follow the instructions of the kit. When you have your results, you can then determine what to do. Neutralizing water basically falls into two categories: neutralizing filters and neutralizing solutions. 

Neutralizing Filters  

Neutralizing filters typically contain calcite, limestone, or magnesia, which can safely raise the PH of your water.  

Neutralizing Solutions 

Neutralizing solutions are a chemical compound, usually powders, that are added to water to get the PH up there. Both methods get the job done, the one you choose usually comes down to your preference, your budget, and your time.  

Acidic water, while not good, is nothing to be scared of. Being prepared and having water test strips handy means that you’re always ready to perform a test of your water supply. Frequent testing is key to ensure that your water supply is safe and will cause you no harm!  

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