Why Are There Black Specs in My Water?

If you’re guessing that those tiny black specks in your tap water shouldn’t be there, you’re definitely right about that one. Let’s get to the bottom of why this issue might be occurring, and kick it to the curb!


Unfortunately, with well-worn pipes, there is a chance that the spots you’re seeing are a result of corroded pipes. After a number of years, pipes can break down from consistent use. You will want to have a professional examine your pipes, water heater, and rubber washers or seals. While it’s typically not an alarming issue to come across bits of the corroded remnants, it goes without saying that those dark little particles are not a welcome addition to your water supply.

While most homes have copper piping, some homes still contain iron. Despite the positive aspects to iron pipes, there is still the possibility that once they hit the breakdown point, they will begin to peel off and find their way down through your faucets. With certain acidic types of water or disinfectants used for purification, an issue of rust can develop.


If you’re finding that the black specks only appear when you’re running hot water, you might have a case of water heater tank or anode rod deterioration on your hands. On the inner workings of water heater storage tanks, you will find an anode rod. This is designed to keep the water heater tank in good standing by sacrificing the rod in its place. Having a plumber assess the situation will determine if the rod has disintegrated or if it has moved onto the tank itself.


Long-time use of rubber will eventually stretch it out. Rubber seals can simply lose their elasticity and deteriorate, causing them to break apart and show up in your water. Replacing the washers and rubber seals will put you on the fast track to spot-free water.


Sand and minerals can also become prominent if you have a well. It might not be a constant pool of specks, but extreme weather conditions can bring this about.

Without an efficient water softener, you can face a hardness build-up within your plumbing system. The flowing water puts pressure on the build-up and breaks certain spots up, ultimately causing it to appear later on.


While these are common reasons that many face with their water supply, there are still other variables you might need to address. Having a professional plumber come in to give you an update will be the quickest route to solve your black speck issues. If you have any questions, Graydon Faulstick Plumbing is equipped to answer your inquiries. You can reach us at 570-992-0447 or 610-381-4171 for more information.

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