Why does my toilet keep malfunctioning?

From outhouses to fancy porcelain toilets, bathroom plumbing has come a long way throughout the years. Nowadays, indoor toilets are hardly given a second thought. That is, until they get clogged, backed-up or have a continuous running stream of water in your piping system. What do you do when your toilet is malfunctioning and how can you prevent an untimely clog? Check out our list of a few common reasons your toilet may not be functioning at the top of its’ game.

There is not enough water in the tank

If your toilet’s water tank is not filling up enough between flushes, your toilet will not have enough water pressure to flush properly.  To raise or lower the water level in the tank, simply turn the adjustment screw on top of the fill valve. Remember that the water should not be filled passed the overflow tube. You can also try flushing the toilet and dumping a bucket of water into the toilet at the same time to add pressure into the flushing system.

The toilet trap is blocked

The toilet trap is the section of porcelain in the lower back section on your toilet. It is commonly known as the “s” shape on the toilet linking the toilet to the plumbing system. The function of the toilet trap is to hold standing water to prevent sewer gasses from coming into your home. If something gets caught in this section of the toilet, your flushes will not be effective. This is because there is not a clear path for debris to flow through the plumbing. You can usually clear the toilet trap by using a plunger or snake. 

Pro Tip: If you have to plunge the toilet for more than 3 times at a given time, call a professional at Graydon Faulstick Plumbing as there may be an underlying cause for the blockage. Plunging the toilet too many times can lead to damaged pipes or an overflow of sewage pouring out from the toilet.

The plumbing vent is blocked

Uncommonly known, plumbing vents are located on your home’s roof. The vents’ job is to release the sewer gasses from your sewage system into the outside air instead of your home. If the gas becomes trapped in the vent, waste will not be able to flow and your toilet will be unable to flush properly. We recommend making sure the plumbing vent cover is secure in order to keep debris from getting inside the vent, which could also create a blockage.

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