Why is my Water Heater Making Loud Noises?

You know that sound? That really loud, annoying one? It’s coming from your water heater, and you think it might very well be on the fritz… but is it? Yes, the rumbling noise can become irritating overtime, and it can be nerve wracking to hear it make a noise it hadn’t previously; however, this sound is often misunderstood. Fortunately, this can often be fixed without needing to replace the entire heater. 


Commonly overlooked, a water heater in need of a good flush is the cause for many noise issues. At least once a year, homeowners should flush it out to get rid of all the matter that gathers and settles at the bottom of the tank. For those who live in an area with hard-water, removing the buildup is especially important in aiding your heater in proper functioning. If you’re noticing that your hot water is not as effective, it is likely due to the buildup of sediment within your tank.


We’ll spare you an image of what the sediment at the bottom of your tank looks like, but let’s just say it’s something you do not want in there. The hissing, bubbling, or rumbling sounds escaping from your water heater is a result of air and steam pushing their way up and out of the mushy mess we’re referring to as sediment. Yuck!


If you have a gas water heater in your home, there will be certain spots of extra heat that are caused by the sediment. This type of uneven heat throughout your water can actually result in your tank needing a replacement long before it should be due.

When it comes to electric water heaters, buildup will create issues in the lower heating element. Once this occurs, it typically causes that element to fail. By either learning how to flush your water heater tank yourself, or have it done professionally, you will be saving yourself bouts of frustration and money in the long run. 


If you’re unsure of whether or not this could be occurring within your own water heater tank, having your local plumber assess the situation is highly recommended. Plumbers are trained in the knowledge of what your tank is calling for, as well as when it does, in fact, need to be replaced. 

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