Why Local Small Businesses Matter

Investing in local businesses is better than resorting to chains and franchises because they take the time to assess your needs and have experience to do great work. For every chain business there’s a small business who does the same exact thing but better. Why? Because their passion is what drives them, not the profit.

The Local Feel

Connecting with people is how small business owners build their network, and those relationships last for a lifetime. Local businesses are apart of and often involved in the community which makes it convenient to access. The knowledge gained is solely based on experience that can assure your needs to be met.

Faulstick Plumbing

Faulstick Plumbing is made up of two generations worth of experience and employees who are always willing to go above and beyond for you. They know exactly how to help and are always there no matter how big or small the issue. The main differentiator between choosing Faulstick over a chain or franchise is that we put the customers first. We will go in detail on how to fix the problem and actually show you when we are working. We have gained a reputation in the community as being the best because we think of the issue at hand as if it was our own.

When in need, call Faulstick at 570-992-0447 or 610-381-4171.

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